Our History


In January, 1925, a small band of baptized believers decided to come together to conduct a praise and prayer service with the Rev. W.E. Jones as their leader. They met regularly and a mission of the Baptist Church was then in progress. This mission was located on Home Avenue and Hawthorne Street. This site served as a place of worship until the mission was moved to more favorable site on S. Summit St., still under the leader of Rev. Jones.

In March 1925 at the invitation of Rev. Jones, a council met to organize a church. The Rev. G.H. Price, Pastor of the New Era Baptist Church, Middletown Ohio served as the moderator. The newly formed church adopted the name the Mount Enon Missionary Baptist Church. In need of a pastor congregation engaged the services of the Rev. W.E. Jones who served until July 1925.


Upon the departure of Rev. Jones the congregation was led by the Rev. Hosea Montague. A short time later, a recommendation was made by Rev. Montague day to extend the pastorate to Rev. David Revere. Rev. Revere a firm believer in Baptist principles except the calling.

In March, 1930 the leadership of the church was passed on to Rev. Joel L Mundy, a strong leader who believe that through God all things are possible. With the combination of inner faith and outer trusts, two elements needed to attain success, the congregation proceeded to raise funds to pay for their newly acquired home at College Street and Mercer Avenue. So great was the response that on the day of occupancy, October 26, 1947, the total amount of $45,000 was paid. The church members set ship continued to grow and the need for more space prompted the installation of a balcony. Under the pastorate of Rev. Mundy, and not in grew from 27 active members to over 2000. Then ill health overtook the Pastor. Rev. Mundy was called home on October 2, 1950 to be with the Lord. Upon his departure of Rev. Mundy the church appointed Rev. R.R. Hagans as the Pastor. Rev. Hagans, a devoted leader, served as pastor undertaking the beautification of the church.


In August 1953, Rev. Thomas D Howard was called as pastor of The Mount Enon Missionary Baptist Church. Under Rev. Howard’s leadership there was continued growth in the church membership. Many new programs and circles were introduced. Rev. Howard was always observing the congregation to see how he would enhance their knowledge of the word of God. He was the pastor of all, but it seemed that God gave them special love for the youth and seniors of the church. Much was accomplished under his leadership. Pastor Howard purchase the United Brethren Church located at 1501 W 3 rd St. We were the first African American Congregation in the structure.

On May 30, 1976, God once again looked upon Mt. Enon and saw the need for Christian growth. We needed new energy. We needed encouragement. We needed love. Our prayers were answered when God sent Rev. John F. Cunningham. Under the leadership of Rev. Cunningham, Mt. Enon achieved things that we never thought were possible. Pastor Cunningham passed into eternity on Saturday, July 30, 2005.

After 18 months without a shepherd Rev. Dr. Harold Cottom III became the leader of the congregation and served for three years from 2007 to 2010. 

On January 22, 2012 Rev. Cory J Pruitt was sent to be our new pastor. Under his lead, the church researched our history and learned that our edifice was the same church that Orville Wright, Bishop Milton Wright and Katharine Wright of the Wright Brothers (Aviation) fame then Summit Street Church had built. We received an Ohio Historical Marker and a Dayton Landmark as recognition.